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Hi - so you've either found this page beause I've become famous recently, you're an automated Web crawler, or you're stalking me. I originally made this page back in 2016 because I was somehow disillusioned into believing that I WOULD somehow become famous or that people would stalk me. Neither are realistic assumptions (the latter is much more likely), but I have a lot of spare time so it doesn't hurt to make a personal website. So who am I? There's actually a lot of anxiety in clearly defining one's own identity, but aside from the existential anxiety involved, I'll just provide the straight-to-business white collar / professional summary of myself for those who have somehow stumbled upon my personal website. Oh and if you're stalking me (flattered by the way), I think it is kind of funny to note that I'm tracking all the traffic to this site so checkmate - I've stalked you back, kinda.

So about me: I'm a generalist and a systems enthusiast, fascinated by life's systems. I've worked on a variety entrepreneurial projects, some boring software ones and a few exciting non-software ones. My overarching goal is to continue to work on interesting projects that further my understanding of the systems in society, as well as ones that ultimately impact human self-actualization. But the key factor that now drives my decision making is how interesting the project actually is to me. It's taken me close to 24 years but I've truly come to understand that I can't possibly commit myself to anything that's not intellectually stimulating or at least very amusing to me on some level.

I have a lot of thoughts and I've recently been spending a lot of time with ones about urban design and how the design of the spaces we live in greatly affect our communities, which in turn greatly impacts individual happiness. Our individual identities are tied to the context of our society and the communities that we live in. The way apartments, neighborhoods, and other spaces have been designed hasn't changed in decades, and as more of the population migrates to metropolitan areas, there's a greater need to scrutinize the current design of cities, so that we can build future cities to provide a healthy ecosystem that allows for flourishing. Related to this passion for community is my current Airbnb hosting business, which has been one of my favorite side hustles within the past year or so.

My other recent fixations are more specific to the fields of sociology, psychology, and philosophy. I'm curious about the process of self-development and how to effectively navigate the notoriously winding path to actualization, leading me to explore theology, as well as peak perfomers and famous thinkers throughout the ages. The questions that I'm typically preoccupied by are, how do we refine our being into it's most ideal form? And, how do we better ourselves if we're just battling against ourselves constantly? I'm also curious about the nature of compatibility and the essence of relationships and connection, which has led me to work on my software project, Mindmetrics. Lastly, how do we teach people about self-actualization so that everyone can come closer to their true and best selves? These existential topics have led me to a cursory exploration of the theory of cognition, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience. Finally, the economic system and the dynamic between value generating business entities is also a fascination. I've been perusing some investment theory and plan on implementing some strategies for the future in order to ensure my personal financial longevity.

I'll be covering most of these disparate topics and anything else I find cool and hip on the few platforms I post on - mostly Medium and Quora as of right now. I'm also constantly tweeting cryptic, half formed thoughts, so follow me there if that's the kind of thing you like to read with your morning coffee. And finally, don't be a stranger - get comfortable and sign up for my mailing list for new articles and other random updates. If you like pseudo-intellectual discourse on a massive breadth of topics, with a little bit of depth, then you're going to love my writing. If it turns out you don't love my writing, then at the very least, you can criticize me with immediacy.

2020 Update. So a lot has changed in the 4 years I made this useless site. Not a lot has changed in my interests but it's kind of hard to articulate the subtle lessons that one accumulates through experience. Anyway, this is not a personal journal, so I'll just say that the plan moving forward is to continue to explore the topics that I've expressed interest in. Through new experiences and new opportunities, I plan on bringing myself closer towards a lifestyle that fits my disposition and calling. I guess I'm a bit obsessed with lifestyle define, or self defined living. I'll also note that I can be meticulous (aka picky af). So the freedom to explore and choose my life is a burden, but completely worth it. Follow me on Twitter to see me post more ramblings about pseudo philosophy and the occasionally witty sentence.

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